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Manisa Dried Fruit & Products

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Dried Fruit & Products
Turkey; which has a background of 150 years on dried fruit exportation and implements dried fruit exportation to more than 100 countries; is in the world leading position under favour of Manisa, on dried fruits group of seedless grape production and exportation. The share of Turkey’s world dried fruit and products exportation is about 11%. Nowadays aproxiametely over 150 thousand familes live off as a producer and 100 thousand people as a worker in the enterprise is estimated. Turkey’s sultana production in Aegean Region is especially intensified in centre of Manisa, Turgutlu, Alaşehir, Salihli, Saruhanlı and Akhisar; Menemen and Kemalpaşa in İzmir; Buldan, Çal and Çivril in Denizli. As well as Manisa is an industrial city, she has an important place in Turkey’s agriculture with her wide range of plant and animal products. Although agricultural industry has been faced challenging periods due to global warming, Manisa can be seen in an advantageous position because of her fertile soils and proper climate. The fresh and dried grape are one of the important agricultural plants produced in Turkey and Manisa is also well known and identified with seedless dried grape.
90 % of total production of the dried grapes which are seedless and particularly Sultana type which has the most important share in exportation of Turkey are produced in Manisa. 80 % of the total amount of Turkey’s dried grape exportation is effectuated by Manisa and 33,1 % of total world dried grape production is almost actualized individually by Turkey. There are 6 companies in Manisa which are ranked in top 1000 of Turkey’s Exportation List for the Dried Fruit and Its Products.

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