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Discover Region TR33

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Discover Region TR33

In the current global economic scene, the role of Emerging Markets are becoming more and more significant each day. They provide the dynamism and competitiveness that many entrepreneurs and investors seek for. TURKEY, one of the best performing emerging markets in recent years, is deservedly being the focus of attention for many global actors.

Its strategic location, young and educated population, rich natural resources combined with ingenuity and spirited endeavour has all contributed to an outstanding trend of growth. TURKEY, 16th largest economy of the world, has incurred an average annual real GDP growth rate of 4.8% between 2002 and 2010. It’s also the 15th most attractive FDI destination for the period of 2008-2010 according to UNCTAD. Turkey has attracted around 94 billion $ FDI in the last eight years. This is a great take-off from the levels of previous three decades, when FDI was merely 15 billion $. More than 25,800 foreign companies operate currently in Turkey, a base of operation, for some world-known names in automotive, energy, communications and more.

Region TR33, The Shining Center of Rising Opportunities In the Region TR33, you will find a strategic area, striving to fulfil the potentials in its various sectors. The region is surrounded by major industry centers such as Kocaeli, Bursa, Eskişehir and İzmir, which have traditionally constituted the chunk of Turkish industry and exports.With the growth of Turkish economy, investments are now outpouring into new areas. With its strategic location, TR33 (Region TR33) can easily be seen as an optimal area of investment;
In addition to being close to major industry hubs and logistic routes, investors can benefit from government incentives as well as competitive labour, land and energy prices. Demand for advanced technology and high value-added production is stronger and more promising than ever in the Region TR33.This is true for the traditional sectors; ceramics, marble-natural stone, leather and textile, home appliances and electronics, as well as sectors like automotive, aerospace, mining, recycling industries.

TR33 is also the geothermal center of Turkey. Investments relating to health tourism, energy and innovative fields such as geothermal-greenhouses are flourishing. Last but not least, TR33 is known with its high value-added agricultural products such as olive, grape and raisin as well as meat, dairy and animal products. TR33 is growing as Turkey is. Unique advantages makes TR33 an attractive investment center.

Region TR33 Region by Numbers
  • Population: 3 million; 773.000 of which is between the ages of 15 and 30
  • Area: 4.206.289 ha
  • Exports: 4 billion$
    • 10 Active Organized Industrial Zones
    • 4 Universities, 103.000 students
    • 78.000 students at vocational high-schools




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