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Reasons to Invest

Rich Natural Resources
rnrOur region has not only richest geothermal resources but also underground sources, metallic mine and industrial raw materials in Turkey. Our region provides alternatives in health tourism with its extensive geo-thermal resources and in mining sector.
Qualified Labour Force

Human resources have all the ingredients to become the pivots of a competitive investment

  • more than 3.000.000 inhabitants
  • wide scaled education opportunities with 4 universities in 4 provinces
  • 3361 academic staff and 103.252 university students
  • Vocational and Technical High School education in 47 different areas
  • Vocational education opportunities at the Universities in 79 different areas
  • 80 undergraduate education programs
Large Market Opportunities
At the crossroad of most industrialized cities of Turkey with their population over 27 million.
Sophisticated Transport & Logistics
With its developed inter-urban motorway network, all major air and sea ports are raechable in between three and four hours. New logistics projects are also ahead: • Zafer international airport: expected to be functional in 2013 • BALO Project: aimed to connect the industrial complex in Aegean and West anatolia regions of Turkey with Inland Europe through a railway line. • TCDD Logistic Villages: will serve both as a load bridge between the west and east of Turkey and as a connection point of market access for producers. • İzmir – Ankara Highway Project: going to reduce transportation time and cost with a lenght of 549 km. • High Speed Railway Lines:planned to be finished in 2015
Significant Incentives and Low Taxes
Investments in TR33 enjoys unique incentives. Such as: • up to 90% discount in land allocation • VAT and Customs Duty exemption • 80% Corporate Income Tax reduction • Support for employers’ share on social security premium • interest support on local and foreign currencies on bank loans.
Excellent Colloboration & Support

We offer you a full set of professional, hands-on investment services that are always tailored according to your specific needs. And all of them are free of charge.

  • Information, Data and Statistics
  • Access to local networks
  • Assistance for identificationof a strategic investment location
  • Aftercare support

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